Planting & Sowing the Seeds of 2018

“And the day came when the risk to remain a tight bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin


Admittedly, through most of my years I didn’t think much about reflecting on my past or the present future, let alone give it a title such as what most people would call,  ‘resolutions’.   I have made many attempts to form my resolutions. The list became so long it felt daunting and my fears of failure would start to stare at me right in the face.  Overwhelmed, I would think, “where do I begin?” Okay, so maybe I would try one or two things on the list, things that were easy such as, stretch more often or take more walks in nature, and maybe I would succeed, but still looking at the list I would see it as not a joy to accomplish but a beast of burden. Truthfully, I wanted so badly to accomplish my list; yet, it just seemed too far out of reach. It wasn’t until I heard the words ‘planting the seeds for a new year’ did I give way to seeing resolutions in a whole new way.  During the full moon cycle and winter solstice,  darkness takes over and light gives way to allow the time of going within. A time to reflect, gather, create and plant the seeds you would like to see for the year 2018.  So here are four insights that I have gathered and learned so far. 

Please note: if you attempt to try this, which I hope you will. Try to think of it as a manifestation ritual of letting go and welcoming newness, change,  or evolution. If you look at it from a place of love it doesn’t have to feel like a beast of burden at all. 

Four Insights for Planting and Sowing the Seeds

Be Kind to Yourself

Start with reflecting and giving gratitude for all that you are, your efforts over the past year, people who have come into your life whether for a moment, a short period or a lasting connections, beautiful happenings and difficult happenings. Like stepping stones, they help you to learn and grow. By being kind to yourself, reflecting and giving gratitude every day are actions of self-love and can help you gain a different perspective. It’s a great starting point.

Baby Steps

Like resolutions, the essence behind the words planting and sowing the seeds is to create an intention to do or to not do something. Making your intentions simple, from the heart and clear will give way to the anxiety or fear of failure that likes to loom over us like a black cloud. Think about what is in your reality to start doing today. Seeds take time to grow. Simple intentions equals simple actions. It’s all about the process behind the intention. For example, if you are wanting to create more time for yourself. Think of one thing you can do without. If you fall back for any reason, it’s okay. Just get right back on that horse and try again. So baby steps. One action, one moment at a time. 


Congratulating yourself in your efforts is an act of self-love and acknowledgement for putting your intentions into actions. Honor your process and celebrate your achievements everyday whether small or grand. 

Reap the Rewards

When a seed start to flower you can recognize the beauty it brings. They can come in many forms such as,  happiness, joy, inner peace, forgiveness,  compassion, less judgement, loving actions, and etc.. In the most littlest or simplest efforts you can reap fruitful rewards attracting and magnetizing more to come into your life. Take notice and watch your efforts blossom. 

I"m right here with you. I applaud you and I’m wishing you a joyful bounty.