Discover. Release. Heal. Lift your Spirit. 

Healing Services

Healing Sessions are a combination of Reiki, shamanic work, crystal healing, intuitive healing and spiritual coaching. The sessions are performed in an intuitive way depending on what the client needs most at the time.

*Sessions focused on one modality are also available upon request. 

Distant Healing sessions are offered through Skype or by phone. 

A 90 minute healing session is $65-$120 sliding scale to accommodate all income levels.

To inquire within or to set up an appointment, please contact Dana Marie. 


What is Reiki?: Reiki is a mind, body and spirit intervention that supports and acknowledges the person as a “whole”.  Reiki is an ancient form of energy based medicine that originates from indigenous Tibetan practice. It’s name derives from Japanese terms Rei meaning universe or spirit and ki meaning energy. Reiki is a hands-on method that promotes healing by channeling the gentle life force energy from the practitioner to the client to rebalance and enhance the body’s inherent healing response.