About Dana Marie

Dana Marie Richards, M.A., is a reiki master, spirit medium in training, intuitive healer, spiritual coach and shamanic practitioner. She fluidly integrates these modalities as a co creator in your own healing journey of mind, body and spirit. Dana Marie's spiritual curriculum began back in 2009, when a shaman healer told her that healing was to be her life's path.  Since then,  she has earned a Master's degree in Integrative Health Studies and Wellness Coaching, guided imagery certification, and certification as a Usui Reiki Master, She also discovered her divine gifts as a spirit medium and continues to be a dedicated student of channeling and women's empowerment based in the sacred knowledge of shamanic tradition.  Inspired by her love of mind, body and spirit medicine, and her own healing journey, Dana Marie powerfully serves others by creating a sacred healing space to discover, shift, release, nourish, heal and lift your spirit to reach your highest potential.