What is Reiki?:

Reiki is a mind, body and spirit intervention that supports our overall health and acknowledges the person as a “whole”.  Reiki is an ancient form of energy based medicine that originates from indigenous Tibetan practice. It’s name derives from Japanese terms Rei meaning universe or spirit and ki meaning energy. Reiki is a hands-on method that promotes healing by channeling the gentle life force energy from the practitioner to the client to rebalance and enhance the body’s inherent healing response. Reiki is considered a complimentary healing intervention that is not intended to take the place of allopathic medicine. It is apart of an integrative approach to healing and optimum health and wellness. 

What you may feel after a Reiki session?

*You may experience one or more.  

  • Calm and relaxed

  • Diminished stress and/or anxiety

  • Breath feels vibrant and deep

  • Lightheaded

  • A complete sense of awareness

  • A sense of inner peace

  • Spiritually awakened

  • A release of emotions blockages such as, grief, anger, frustration and etc.

  • Clarity

  • Intuitive insight and/or grounded

  • A feeling of knowingness